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London Tech Leaders #11- 3rd party risks

Our panelists from London Tech Leaders #11 talk about: How concerned are you about cyber security outside of your control (3rd parties you rely on) […]

London Tech Leaders #11- opportunity vs risk

Our 11th London Tech Leaders panelists discuss how to effectively balance risk and commercial opportunity. To sign up, click below for more:…

London Tech Leaders #11- evolving role of security leaders

From our previous panel, our panelists: Edward Tucker, David Crawford, Cary Vidal, Phil Knight and Munawar V. discuss the evolving role of #cybersecurity in businesses […]

London Tech Leaders #10- How to retain and attract tech talent

Our panelists: Yasmin Desai, Frankie Woodhead, Steve Cook, Chris Jackson and Jason McIntosh discussed how to attract and retain talent amongst a scarce tech talent […]

London Tech Leaders #9- Data driven decision making processes

Our panelists: Joe Hartshorn, David Crawford, James Davies, Sam Shah, Jessica Simons Boswell and Ian Hopper discussed data driven decision making processes and the boundaries […]

London Tech Leaders #10 – Lack of revenue

“How do you develop a business case for funding a new disruptive product or technology without recurring revenue, and who are the key hires and […]

London Tech Leaders #10- What is true disruption in tech?

What is true disruption in tech, and what are some examples of emerging and disruptive technology in your business? Our Panel includes: Yasmin Desai, Frankie Woodhead, Steve […]

London Tech Leaders #9- Data privacy

How far should we go to protect customers’ data and is the balance of responsibility for this currently fair for businesses? The panel includes: Sam […]

London Tech Leaders #9- Does Data deserve to be it’s own pillar?

Does data deserves to be a business pillar in it’s own right alongside people and product / service quality. Our panel features: Sam Shah, Jessica C […]


LTL #8 – Should we be challenging our processes?


LTL #8 – Retaining Diverse Talent


LTL #8 – Experiences of Diversity in Tech


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