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London Tech Leaders #14- Highlights

Watch here.

London Tech Leaders #13- DevOps vs Software Engineering

During our insightful panel discussion, experts David Crawford, Bruno Tavares, Dave Allison, Neil Moorcroft, and Renee Hunt delved into the question: How close do you really need DevOps engineers to your […]

London Tech Leaders #13 Highlights-

We hosted our 13th London Tech Leaders with Renee Hunt from, Neil Moorcroft from our sponsor Zuhlke, Bruno Tavares from Funding Circle and Dave […]

London Tech Leaders #13 – Engineering and Product

During our recent event, our expert panelists explore the question: How do you organise your #engineering team to best execute a #product #strategy? David Crawford, Dave Allison, Neil Moorcroft, Bruno Tavares and Renee Hunt discuss how […]

London Tech Leaders #13 – Standardising vs Innovation

During our recent event, our expert panelists discuss the question: Can different squads use different engineering or should we all do things one way? David Crawford, Bruno Tavares, Neil […]

London Tech Leaders #12- Time vs Build Quality

A common challenge is that squad #sprints and how many it takes to build a #feature for your #product map. Our panelists: Martyna Lewinska, Paul […]

London Tech Leaders #12- Tech Debt vs Innovation

From our recent London Tech Leaders panel, our panelists: Jonathan Webster, Paul Coby, Martyna Lewinska, David Crawford and Chris Jackson discuss managing the balance between […]

London Tech Leaders #12- Discovery speed vs Quality

London Tech Leaders #11- basics vs risk

In our previous London Tech Leaders panel, our panelists: David Crawford, Munawar V., Edward Tucker, Cary Vidal and Phil Knight, discuss the basics vs risk. To sign up for future panels, […]

London Tech Leaders #11- 3rd party risks

Our panelists from London Tech Leaders #11 talk about: How concerned are you about cyber security outside of your control (3rd parties you rely on) […]

London Tech Leaders #11- opportunity vs risk

Our 11th London Tech Leaders panelists discuss how to effectively balance risk and commercial opportunity. To sign up, click below for more:…

London Tech Leaders #11- evolving role of security leaders

From our previous panel, our panelists: Edward Tucker, David Crawford, Cary Vidal, Phil Knight and Munawar V. discuss the evolving role of #cybersecurity in businesses […]


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