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London Tech Leaders #17 – ‘Scaling a business with Low Code, No Code’

Watch Chen Salomon of discuss the parameters of potentially scaling a business using low code, no code.


London Tech Leaders #17 – ‘Citizen Developers – why do we need them?

Watch Steve Higgon of TAAP discuss whether we still need citizen developers when we have access to low code, no code platforms.


London Tech Leaders #17 – ‘Does Low code, No code signal the death of the true engineer?’

Watch Nikola Babic of Zego discuss whether engineers will still have a role to play with low code, no code platforms.


London Tech Leaders #17 – ‘Test Automation’

Watch Knut Haukenes of Leapwork discuss Test Automation at our latest event.


London Tech Leaders #17 – ‘Has all the code that we’ll need been written’?

Watch Masha Zakharova of Spark Foundry discuss whether all the code we’ll need is already written and whether this is a good thing?


London Tech Leaders #17 – ‘Is Low Code, No Code all hype?’

Watch James Funge of Leapwork discuss whether ‘Low Code, No Code’ is all hype.


London Tech Leaders #17 – Panel Discussion

Watch our panel discussion from our last event on ‘Low Code, No Code’. Featuring: David Crawford – Host – NED for NHS & Fractional CTO […]


London Tech Leaders #17 – Keynote Speaker Session

Watch our keynote speaker session from our last event on ‘Low Code, No Code’ featuring James Funge and Knut Haukenes from Leapwork, and Steve Higgon […]


London Tech Leaders #17 Highlights

Watch the highlight video from our 17th event titled ‘Low Code, No Code’.  


London Tech Leaders #16 ‘Is it not Turkeys Voting for Christmas’

Watch Tim Gordon of Best Practice AI discuss the pros and cons of #AI, whether there is risk in using it and how we combat […]


London Tech Leaders #16 – ‘Is AI Taking our Jobs?

⛑ In a world where AI is reshaping industries, watch Lyubomira Dimitrova of Onfido discuss whether #AI is taking our jobs…⛑


London Tech Leaders #16 – ‘Don’t Worry, AI Will Fix It 🛠!’

Watch Steve Higgon of TAAP discuss how leaders can’t be presumptive in thinking that #AI automatically becomes a feature of a company and that a ‘journey of discovery’ needs to take […]


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