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Emotionally Coping with Redundancy By Chetan Hirani

It’s not easy. if it was, I’d be lying. BUT there is a solution to it all which will leave you driven and determined more […]

ArchitectureSoftware Engineering

Should We Create a Shared Service? A Decision-making Checklist By Nick Tune

One of the key decisions we need to make in software architecture and in our organisations is when and where to create shared services and […]


Time for a Resolution? By Harvey Neve

This time last year I wrote about new year resolutions, taking control and how this links with values and beliefs. Have a quick read or […]


Credit Science: the new discipline we’ve created to redefine borrowing for the Missing Middle By Sean Hunter

When it comes to commercial lending, credit analysis is an essential part of the process. Banks use it to assesses the ability of a business […]

Digital TransformationLeadershipProductivity

Crossing the Digital Rubicon By Harvey Neve

Crossing the Digital Rubicon The Covid-19 lock down disrupted the workplace in a way no one could ever have imagined and amongst the chaos and […]

DevOpsSoftware Engineering

Kakfa – Turning Systems Inside Out and Upside Down By Christina Ljungberg

“Inside out upside down: If something such as a system or way of life is turned inside out or upside down, it is changed completely, […]


Forming the Unicorn By James Stanier

This article is part of a series on managing managers. What’s the best way to level managers up that are reporting to you? It’s by understanding […]


The multibillion dollar opportunity – the perfect videoconference By Jason Engelbrecht

Opinion Summary: as remote working has become the norm, the limitations of remote videoconferencing and collaboration technology have become apparent. The perfect remote collaboration platform will […]


A Simple and Powerful Question to Ask. By Rob Lambert

A simple and powerful question to ask as a manager is “What problem are we trying to solve?”. It seems ridiculous to even spend time […]

ArchitectureDigital TransformationSoftware Engineering

Product-aligned vs Capability-aligned Organisation Design By Nick Tune

There are broadly two dominant approaches used to organise teams in modern organisations that have moved beyond traditional activity-oriented organisation design (organising people by their […]


If you can donate your body to science why can’t you donate your data? By Jason Engelbrecht

Who owns your wearable data? The data collected by wearables and medical IOT devices should belong to users. Manufacturer data silos and proprietary AI are […]


Joining the Dots – A Mentor’s Story By Harvey Neve

Helping someone solve a specific problem is very rewarding and usually involves very targeted coaching, but it is mentoring that I personally find the most […]


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