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What is data stewardship? By Nicola Askham

If you Google ‘data governance’ you will find that the terms ‘data stewardship’ and ‘data ownership’ appear alongside the many definitions of data governance. Over […]

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Slack Case Study: Auto Trader ships code and resolves incidents in record time By Slack

“Slack has enabled us to become more connected. Collaboration is seamless, so it’s much easier to keep in touch despite the fact our schedules don’t […]

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SaaS Business Development and Common Hurdles By Houman Asefi

After seven years, this theory was correct — software as a service (SaaS) companies have and will keep on dominating or disturb large pieces of […]

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The Importance of a Great Developer Experience By Nick Tune

In February 2012 I began working for a new company. On my first day, I deployed to production. I was lost for words. It felt […]

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The spectrum of synchronousness By James Stanier

Consider this: what’s one of the most impactful skills that you can improve as an engineer? Is it your programming? Maybe it’s your debugging? I’d […]

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Why Cloud Is Increasingly MAGic  (Microsoft, Amazon & Google) By Ian Moyse

We hear the term ‘ the year of cloud’ many a time, I profess it is ‘the decade of cloud’ and we haven’t even really […]

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Cyber Security Automation is Key to Fight the Skills Gap By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

To start building solutions to the skills gap problem, it is key to look at it in all its dimensions. The debate around the cyber […]


How Storytelling Can Help Build An Innovation Culture By Tendayi Viki

When it comes to innovation, the one commonality that unites people who work in large companies is a sense of doubt. Can this really be […]

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Eye on the Prize: Principles & tactics on software engineering management By Francisco Trindade

A few engineers I’ve managed in the past have recently asked me for material on “changes I have done in teams”. They were being kind. What […]

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Domain, Subdomain, Bounded Context, Problem/Solution Space in DDD: Clearly Defined By Nick Tune

Domain-Driven Design is an approach to designing systems, usually software, that emphasises creating a common language between domain experts and system builders. Famous DDD principles […]


How Spend Analysis Can Influence Intelligent Business Decisions By Akshay Upadhye

Companies need to wake up to the impact of efficient spend analysis in influencing intelligent business decisions. What is Spend Analysis? Spend Analysis is the process by […]

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Management as a Profession By Aviv Ben-Yosef

A recurring theme I’ve heard a lot lately from tech executives in unicorns is that their management team is their weakest link. You feel like […]


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