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AgileDigital Transformation

How to Release Agility in your Company By Rob Lambert

It didn’t go down well. Well, it wouldn’t have gone down well with you either, if you’d spent over £20 million pounds to “Go Agile” […]

ArchitectureSoftware Engineering

Self-Documenting Architecture By Nick Tune

One of the biggest time costs in software development is understanding how a system works. And the problem may be growing. Systems are getting more […]


The Micromanagement Flywheel By Aviv Ben-Yosef

A phenomenon that I have witnessed occurring to tech executives in all sizes of companies and with varying degrees of experience is that they trigger […]


Don’t make yourself redundant By James Stanier

This article is part of a series on managing managers. I was flicking through my dusty copy of High Output Management recently and I was reminded of this […]


Develop your Career – The Trinity of Career Development By Rob Lambert

Wouldn’t it be great to grow our careers in line with who we are? To find a career and job that seems to fit us […]

CloudCyber SecurityData

Security by Zeno – A New Paradox By Robert Hook

The best known paradox attributed to Zeno of Elea is that of Achilles and the Tortoise, a thought experiment which argued that no matter how […]


Restoring Trust By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Let me share one of the open secrets of consultants: sometimes, a big part of our work relies merely on listening to people in the […]

ArchitectureProductivitySoftware Engineering

The Relationship Between Software Architecture And Business Models (and more) By Nick Tune

As an architect, how often are you thinking about business models? If every significant architecture decision has business consequences, then knowing the business model and […]


Bucketing your time By James Stanier

Life as an IC, or as a manager of ICs, usually follows a predictable cadence. Perhaps you plan your time and your activities around fixed […]

AgileArchitectureSoftware Engineering

Why Microservices? By Christina Ljungberg

Microservices is a way of separating a system into smaller autonomous parts. This can be done in many ways, but I’m most into the event-driven […]

AgileDigital TransformationProductivity

How to find levers of change in your company By Rob Lambert

In order to Release Agility in your organisation you’ll need to instigate programs of change. Change is always happening, but Releasing Agility needs change that is directed, […]

CloudDataDevOpsDigital TransformationSoftware Engineering

Wasabi and AWS S3 – A Comparison By Robert Hook

Wasabi is a very interesting and compelling competitor for AWS S3… but also potentially a superb collaborator. What are Wasabi and S3 though? Stripping these […]


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