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ArchitectureInnovationSoftware Engineering

Code structure- the house metaphor By Christina Ljungberg

Reading code structure vs. writing code structure In a legacy system, what is it that you spend absolutely most time on? I would say, understanding […]

Cyber SecurityDev-Ops

Cyber security knowledge entropy By Glenn Wilson

Often a gap in our cyber security knowledge is filled by attending a security course whose syllabus covers a number of security topics. In the […]

Digital TransformationInnovation

WEB 3.0 world for successful businesses By Houman Asefi

The world is changing and if you are stuck in the old world, your business will die. Brands are now innovating with the speed of […]

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Parallel Universe By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

It’s about time we go back to basics with most of our cyber security commentaries Re-reading some articles I wrote years ago, it worries me […]


Are you addicted to being busy? By Kate Horwood

Lots of people struggle to slow down and stop being busy. When they have a chance of a break, they fill that time with other […]


Do Your Leaders Have The Right Convictions About Innovation? By Tendayi Viki

Without leadership support, corporate innovation projects are dead on arrival. Leadership support is so important that this is the first thing I ask for when […]

ArchitectureSoftware Engineering

AWS API Gateway + Lambda — I’m going to need more coffee for this By Robert Hook

If you read back over my adventures with AWS Lambda functions over the past few months, you may not be surprised to see my attention […]

LeadershipSoftware Engineering

Software teams: How to understand systems By Francisco Trindade

I’ve been discussing how to apply Systems Thinking in engineering leadership and how understanding the systems and processes involving your software team is the best way […]

Dev-OpsDigital TransformationLeadership

Why the C-Suite Craves Digital App Acceleration By David H. Deans

Business model evolution and growth are still top priorities for forward-thinking leadership. In fact, 70% of surveyed boards of directors will accelerate digital business initiatives, […]

Cyber SecurityLeadership

The Way Forward with Cyber Security Operating Models (TOM) By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

“Process and People first, THEN Technology” will always be at the heart of the winning formula here Many large organisations across all industries face the […]

CloudCyber Security

Unlocking competitive advantage with a zero trust multicloud strategy By Martyn Ditchburn

Zero trust… People sometimes ask me what it felt like to complete a full multi-year migration journey from on-premise hosting into the cloud. My answer […]

Cyber SecurityLeadership

Getting Things Done: The Secret Sauce for the CISO By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

The key for a CISO around cyber security remains Execution, Execution and Execution The short tenure of the CISO continues to generate a vast amount […]


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