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Fast-forwarding decision making

All organisations waste a huge amount of time believing that they are making progress on decisions, when in fact they’re just involved in the theatre of decision making. This […]

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation: what’s in a strategy? By Sarah Dearden

You are aware of the business benefits of digital transformation. You understand the need to leverage technology to drive competitive advantage. You know that embracing […]

Cyber Security

What might a four-day workweek mean for IT security? By Martyn Ditchburn

Now that the largest-ever pilot program for testing the feasibility of a four-day workweek has concluded in the U.K., it may be worth asking what […]

DataSoftware Engineering

Data Engineering is Not Software Engineering By Niels Cautaerts

Pretending like data and software are the same is counterproductive to the success of your data engineering team… In recent years, it would appear that […]


Five signs your Data Governance initiative is failing By Nicola Askham

One: There are different understandings of within the same organisation and their data governance initiative Most organisations are full of lots of jargon and terminology […]

Digital TransformationInnovation

Modernisation Strategy Selector By Nick Tune

Architecture Modernisation is far more than just rebuilding the old system with new technologies and the latest architectural patterns. It’s an opportunity to completely rethink […]

ArchitectureSoftware Engineering

Why I prefer trunk-based development By Trisha Gee

These days, distributed version control systems like Git have “won the war” of version control. One of the arguments I used to hear when DVCSs […]


What specifics in daily routine separate good Product Leaders from great Product Leaders?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Short answer to what makes great product leaders: Begin your day with intent, minimize meetings, spend time with customers, manage your own career, balance time between […]

Cyber Security

There Are Just Too Many Security Tools and Products By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

The focus needs to shift from point-solutions towards a structured approach to security automation and the decluttering of the toolkit landscape and security tools. Most […]


Cloud Migration for Small Business: What, Why and How By Ian Moyse

For the majority of small businesses, cloud-based solutions (and thus cloud migration) will be a preferred option, because they offer far more upsides than possible […]


Dealing with problems – 6 clever ways to understand the problem By Rob Lambert

There’s a general systems thinking idea that states : “if people are part of the problem, then they are also part of the solution”. It’s true. […]


An award winning team project – 10 month turnaround By Christina Ljungberg

The Intelligence & Efficiency Team was formed two years ago. It is a digital, remote team that is spread out over several cities in two countries. […]


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