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How customer feedback data is just as important as financial data By Dominic Monkhouse

Think back to your last Executive meeting. Was there any discussion of customer feedback? If so, was this dominated by one or two people whilst […]

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy: 5 Key Concepts By Sarah Dearden

You are aware of the business benefits of a digital transformation strategy. You understand the need to leverage technology to drive competitive advantage. You know […]


Objecting to Objectives By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Let’s clarify: I am not against using objectives as a tech executive to guide your organization. In fact, I believe they are a fantastic tool […]


Unit Tests- Provide Flexible Data By Christina Ljungberg

It’s rather easy to find information about how to write good unit tests in the means of the test itself. But how should we handle […]

Digital Transformation

Stop calling it Technical Debt By Jack Leon

So as not to contradict the title of this article, I am going to refer to technical debt as the debt-previously-known-as-technical and hope that doesn’t make this article unnecessarily […]

CloudCyber Security

Blast radius, cloud sprawl and CNAPP By Martyn Ditchburn

When we closely cluster our data and applications in a single place – the conventional data center – we erroneously believe we can protect it […]

Cyber SecurityLeadership

The 3 Traits of Successful Cyber Security Leaders By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

The cyber security transformative urgency in many firms forces to look beyond traditional technology profiles. Cyber security has risen to prominence on the agenda of […]


Value Propositions and Tech: VHS vs Betamax By Tendayi Viki

In November 2015, Sony finally announced that it would stop selling Betamax video cassettes. By this time, its battle for dominance with the rival VHS […]

Cyber Security

London Tech Leaders: Cyber security & growth mindset By Abbie Hudson

London Tech Leaders 10: My key takeaways as an attendee. Cyber security is accredited through fear, and as an organisation, how can we protect our […]


Go to Market Strategy Explained: Simple Version By Houman Asefi

A Go To Market Strategy is essentially a plan of how a company is going to attack a specific market segment or release a new […]

LeadershipSoftware Engineering

Software Development Accountability By Francisco Trindade

All businesses want accountability. It is part of making anything work. If you need to achieve results, you need to deliver something, and it would […]

AI/MLCloudSoftware Engineering

SaaS is the way forward and the way forward is SaaS By Ian Moyse

SaaS (Software as a Service) is not a new term and has shown continued adoption and growth year on year since the term first appeared […]


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