LTL Articles


Will AI get the ESG treatment? By Martyn Ditchburn

Recent advances in generative AI capabilities have prompted a flurry of regulatory measures across the globe, and governments are scrambling to craft the benchmark legislation […]


Is AI for boring? By Marcus Kirsch

In over 20 years, when running innovation and idea workshops, the apparent ideas often already exist come out first. Finding real innovation or unique ideas […]

Software Engineering

Influencing as an Engineering Manager By Francisco Trindade

I’ve been discussing how to use systems thinking in software engineering management, and so far, I have talked mostly about understanding your team and the systems […]


Strategy execution: Building transparency & predictability into the uncertain By Sarah Dearden

Building an element of transparency and predictability into your software delivery or the execution of your transformation strategy is key to building trust and positive […]


Langchain, a land grab for standards in LLM space, or is it too late? By Justin Townsend

Hype and FOMO currently surround the large language model (LLM) innovation in computing, so like millions of others, I’ve been getting to grips with the […]

Digital Transformation

Removing Technology Roadblocks For The Decade Ahead By Ian Moyse

Having worked in the IT sector for 3 decades, in the past 5 years I have witnessed faster change and adoption of technologies than the […]

Cyber Security

The Key Ingredients of a Successful GRC Programme By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

GRC has to start with a degree of integration between threats, risks, controls and protective measures. Click here to watch Founder & CEO JC Gaillard present on the […]


How to identify Data Owners where multiple areas of the organisation use the same data? By Nicola Askham

Identifying Data Owners is something that many people struggle with when they are starting out in Data Governance. When multiple different teams use that data […]


What Leader(s) Over Your Product Career Truly Changed How You Approach Product Management?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Short answer: I learned from bosses & peers, including famous peeps like Reed Hastings, Patty McCord, and Dan Rosensweig. But mainly, I learned by doing, […]

ArchitectureSoftware Engineering

Architecture Modernization Enabling Teams (AMET) By Nick Tune

This article describes a pattern we have observed and applied in multi-team-scope architecture modernization initiatives, the Architecture Modernization Enabling Team (AMET). An AMET is a type of […]

Software Engineering

Engineering Leadership in Action: Engineering Managers By Francisco Trindade

In a recent post, I talked about the idea of how Engineering Managers (EMs) should act as leaders in their teams. They should intentionally work on […]


Fast-forwarding decision making

All organisations waste a huge amount of time believing that they are making progress on decisions, when in fact they’re just involved in the theatre of decision making. This […]


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