LTL Articles


7 Potential Benefits of Having a Data Glossary or Data Catalogue By Nicola Askham

Is harnessing the power of a Data Glossary or Data Catalogue the key to unlocking the true potential of your data endeavours? In today’s data-driven […]

Cyber Security

The Cyber security Spiral of Failure (and How to Break Out of It) By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Trust between CISOs and senior executives is the only platform on which successful transformative efforts can be built around cyber security. For the past two […]


Strategy for Engineering Managers By Francisco Trindade

Engineering Managers (EMs) have their sights focused on execution and people. They are working to ensure their team is achieving its goals and that their […]


Evaluating Leadership: Beyond the Basics By Aviv Ben-Yosef

In the high-speed tech world, hiring senior talent often feels like trying to assemble a puzzle while riding a horse-drawn carriage on cobblestones. We tend […]


We Expect Humans To Be Accountable. We Should Expect No Less Of AI By Greg Satell

About ten years ago, IBM invited me to talk with some key members on the Watson team, when the triumph of creating a machine that […]


What systems are most effective for giving feedback to employees?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Try Netflix’s 5 A’s for giving & receiving feedback: 1. Aim to assist 2. (Make) Actionable 3. Appreciate 4. Accept or discard feedback 5. Adapt […]


What are the key components of a data culture? By Nicola Askham

Data culture is the collective behaviours and beliefs of people who value, practice and encourage the use of data to improve decision-making. As a result, […]


Workaholic: How can I stop over-investing & taking on too much at work? By Kate Horwood

Hi Kate, I’m a bit of a workaholic and I over-invest myself in work matters, caring about things that I don’t need to get involved […]

Cyber SecurityDigital Transformation

Going the Right Way about Cybersecurity Transformation By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Cybersecurity transformation cannot be seen as a straightforward change This interesting piece in the Harvard Business Review should be a must-read for all transformational CISOs […]


How do I make sure my work is visible? By James Stanier

It’s all a blur! Leading well means enabling your team to do their best work. But one problem that many leaders face is feeling like their […]


The Structure and Process Fallacy By Nick Tune

“If our teams were just organized in the right way, and we adopted the agile process, we’d be so much more efficient.” What’s your feeling […]


Will AI get the ESG treatment? By Martyn Ditchburn

Recent advances in generative AI capabilities have prompted a flurry of regulatory measures across the globe, and governments are scrambling to craft the benchmark legislation […]


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