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Digital TransformationInnovation

The Great Digital Reckoning is Near By Greg Satell

Roger McNamee is one of the smartest investors in tech, seemingly always ahead of the curve. A long-time sounding board to Bill Gates he was an […]


Four Ways Cloud-based Solutions Benefit Small Businesses By Ian Moyse

Cloud-based solutions have already become an everyday part of our lives. We use cloud applications at every turn, often without even realising it. We may […]


Why are my Daily Scrums running over By Jack Leon

Daily scrums do over run and this shouldn’t be seen as a problem. Actually we encourage you to view this as a positive thing, the […]

Cyber Security

Time to Look at the Role of the CISO Differently By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

What is now required is political acumen, managerial experience and personal gravitas, more than raw technology skills. In spite of being widely used, the role […]

CloudDigital Transformation

Strategic Benefit of Scaling Cloud-based Digital Transformation By David H. Deans

Business technology can be the great enabler that differentiates an enterprise from its mainstream peer group. Make no mistake, delivering digital business value whilst scaling […]


When Product Fails By Aviv Ben-Yosef

I’ve been using the term “Product Engineering” to describe software production, even though it is still separated into two different departments in most companies. That’s […]


How to get your business stakeholders to want and use a Data Glossary By Nicola Askham

Getting a data glossary in place can take a lot of hard work and effort, so it can be particularly frustrating if/when your business users […]


Good Communication is Agility By Rob Lambert

I work a lot in the “Agile” space…..apparently. I help companies release business agility through effective communication, but the more I work in this space, […]


Engineering Leadership Tactics: Mind the Input By Francisco Trindade

How an engineering team’s performance is defined by the work they take in. While talking about Systemic Leadership for software teams, one question that often comes […]


Contract Testing MicroFrontends By Gábor Csomák

MicroFrontends are a few years late to the party in comparison to MicroServices, and over these years as Services architecture already had the revolution of ‘everything […]

Cyber SecurityHiring

3 Keys to Deal with the Cyber Security Skills Gap By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Look at it in all its dimensions before jumping to ready-made solutions for the cyber security skills gap You don’t have to go far to […]


Six tools for managing stress as a leader By Kate Horwood

If you’re a leader in the workplace, you will have undoubtably developed a good level of stress resilience to get to where you are. Yet, […]


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