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Don’t Expect Cybersecurity to Work in Firms where Nothing Does – JC Gaillard By J C Gaillard

You cannot expect the CISO on their own, bottom-up, to reverse widespread business dynamics, where short-termism prevails everywhere across the business Introduction I have written […]


Tech Leaders Guide to Avoiding Data Pitfalls

In the dynamic realm of technology, data reigns supreme. It fuels innovation, drives decisions, and propels businesses forward. However, navigating the vast sea of data […]

Dev-OpsSoftware Engineering

Simple SaaS idea that has huge potential in the market! – Shivanshu Gupta

Today in this article I will be sharing with you all a SaaS idea that will help the developer community so that apps and applications […]

Dev-OpsDigital TransformationSoftware Engineering

No-Code/Low-Code Stack For Building Quick SAAS Projects – Shivanshu Gupta

Coding a SaaS from scratch can be a challenging task, you need to debug all the issues and make sure the features work every time […]

Cyber SecurityLeadership

Is it Time to Accept that the Current Role of the CISO Has Failed?

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has been in existence for the best part of the last 30 years. Infosec legends say […]

Press Release

London Tech Leaders – Community Membership

London Tech Leader’s Community Launches Exclusive Membership Tiers: Platinum, Gold, and Silver London Tech Leaders, the fastest growing networking event for senior tech professionals, are […]

Cyber SecurityHiring

Hiring Managers: Be Realistic Around Cybersecurity Profiles

Looking for hybrid profiles that cannot exist is just fuelling the perception of a cybersecurity skills gap. Commenting on one of my Linkedin posts, one […]

Cyber Security

The Momentum Behind the Role of the Chief Security Officer

In many large organizations, defining and structuring a Chief Security Officer role (CSO) is starting to make more and more sense. The concept is not […]


Intro to Generative AI Vector Databases and RAG Models

In today’s digital business landscape, effective knowledge management (KM) is a strategic imperative. Organizations are drowning in raw data assets, yet struggle to extract meaningful […]


Trend: GenAI Mobile Messaging Apps

Mobile communications applications continue to evolve in response to new technology use cases. Telecom service providers and software vendors are now exploring applications for Artificial […]


AI Hardware craze & the reality of passive services

Rabbit AI secured 30 million in Jan 2024. Are we experiencing the rebirth of 50-year-old experience paradigms, or are we going down the path of […]

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London Tech Leaders x Manchester Tech Festival – Press Release

London Tech Leaders announces partnership with Manchester Tech Festival A partnership connecting two world-renowned tech hubs. This strategic partnership will see London Tech Leaders assisting […]


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