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An award winning team project – 10 month turnaround By Christina Ljungberg

The Intelligence & Efficiency Team was formed two years ago. It is a digital, remote team that is spread out over several cities in two countries. […]


Zookeeper on Raspberry Pi By Robert Hook

Ok, yeah, I probably don’t really need a Zookeeper cluster running in the house, but there are a few Raspberry Pi’s around that are mostly idle — […]


Human Resources Innovation to Drive Digital Growth By David H. Deans

CEOs are requiring their Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to reimagine the HR charter to focus more on enabling the organization to achieve strategic business […]

Digital TransformationInnovation

Digital transformation: anyone can do strategy, execution is your differentiator By Sarah Dearden

In business you’re only as good as your last delivery; this ethos is the driving force behind my professional approach and something that can act […]


Sprints and Marathons By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Developing software products is a long-term effort and requires ongoing adjustments. These marathons are usually composed of multiple iterations or sprints. However, these today in […]


London Tech Leaders 12: product management By Pat Bate

London Tech Leaders is an exclusive networking event for leaders within the Technology space, CTO’s, CIO’s and Heads of Digital Transformation. It is purely a […]


How do I avoid burnout in the long run? By Kate Horwood

“Hi Kate, how do I avoid burnout in the long run? I find that weekends or rest days don’t take away from the overall burnout. […]


Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Product Manager By Jack Leon

An Agile Product Manager is a key member of an Agile development team who is responsible for defining and prioritising the product backlog and ensuring that the […]

Cyber Security

The road to M&A hell is paved with good (IP-based) intentions By Martyn Ditchburn

TCP/IP-based communications have been the cornerstone of corporate networks for more than 30 years. Organisations like Cisco excelled at training an army of mechanical TCP/IP […]


Why committing to less story points will increase your velocity By Gábor Csomák

Planning poker and sprint planning are tricky areas, and we can improve the team velocity a lot by only committing 80% to the team capacity. […]


From Chaos to Collaboration: Improving Your Bootcamp Project Workflow By Craig Norford

As a software engineer who entered the tech industry through a bootcamp, I’ve had the opportunity to teach part-time at the same bootcamp where I […]


The Six Principles for Successful Data Governance By Nicola Askham

There are six principles that underpin all successful data governance initiatives. These are principles that I have developed over many years of experience of successfully […]


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