London Tech Leaders x Manchester Tech Festival – Press Release

London Tech Leaders announces partnership with Manchester Tech Festival
A partnership connecting two world-renowned tech hubs.

This strategic partnership will see London Tech Leaders assisting in the delivery of new content at MTF events while also helping to bring together two of the largest technology communities within the UK.

Pat Morton, Director of London Tech Leaders commented:

‘2024 is an exciting year for our community. London Tech Leaders is delighted to grow its community of leaders into other regions of the UK. Partnering with Manchester Tech Festival will help our drive towards greater digital and social inclusion and provide our community with opportunities to connect with new senior Tech leaders.’

London Tech Leaders will be celebrating its fifth anniversary and hosting its 20th milestone event in 2024. LTL is excited to push the boundaries of its event content & combine different perspectives to ignite new and exciting conversations.

Luke Wilde, Senior Events & Sponsorship Lead commented:

‘After a short time working within Tech Events, it was obvious that there was a gap in the digital world. Manchester Tech Festival does some amazing work in the digital and social inclusion space and using their practices we can look to make a difference in the London ecosystem. We are very excited to collaborate on several new events that will offer fresh perspectives to our audience and create new conversations within our community.’

Manchester Tech Festival has announced a new strategic partnership with community-led events company London Tech Leaders. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between the North and South tech communities to increase diversity and knowledge sharing.

Amy Newton, Director at Manchester Tech Festival commented:

“Manchester Tech Festival is dedicated to building communities in order to enable knowledge sharing, increase inclusivity and ultimately enable Manchester to continue developing as a world renowned tech hub.

Partnering with London Tech Leaders will enable Manchester Tech Festival to bring new names to the Manchester tech scene, significantly boosting the potential for professional development and networking, whilst bringing two significant tech hubs closer together”

Drawing on their experience working with Manchester City Council and charities including Community Computers to tackle Digital exclusion, Manchester Tech Festival hopes to aid London Tech Leaders in reaching more people in the London Tech community who may also be facing digital exclusion.

Amy Naylor, Digital & Social Inclusion Co-Ordinator commented:

Working with the tech community over the last year to tackle digital and social inclusion has been a real privilege, but also an eye-opening experience. There is so much work to be done to break down the barriers that prevent under-privileged individuals from accessing career in tech including increased access to hardware and access to role models working in the industry.

Working with London Tech Leaders we hope to increase Manchester’s access to inspirational speakers to inspire the next generation of tech leaders. We also hope that through our Digital and Social inclusion programme, we can reach more people who may be experiencing digital poverty across the country.

About London Tech Leaders:

LTL, a subsidiary of WeShape, was created in 2019 as a way for senior leaders to stay engaged with industry trends and share ideas at a quarterly meet-up. Since then, the community has grown year on year, and is quickly becoming a market leading event for tech leaders.

The London Tech Leaders events are more than just opportunities to stay informed; they are a chance to engage in an active community of tech leaders (C-Suite, Directors, VPs & Heads of). Alongside our flagship events we host regular webinars with partners of our community, as well as hosting panel sessions and enriching content of partner events.

About Manchester Tech Festival

Manchester Tech Festival (MTF) is an organisation created by Manchester’s tech

community, for Manchester’s tech community. MTF’s mission is to create opportunities

throughout the year for the tech community and the corporate world to connect with one another, in a way which is inclusive to all. MTF’s most known event is the Festival itself, which welcomes over 3000 delegates over a week of tech talks and socials across Manchester.

The team facilitates conversations, inspires people to learn, narrows the gap in digital and social exclusion and ultimately facilitates growth in the local tech sector.

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Press Contact

Luke Wilde

London Tech Leaders

Senior Events & Sponsorship Lead


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