LTL Partner: TAAP Webinar – “AI App Builders and the Future of Software Development”

Join us on Thursday 23rd May from 3pm for an insightful virtual webinar that explores AI App Builders and the Future of Software Development!

🎙️ About Our Speakers:

Steve Higgon – CEO at TAAP

With Steve’s 40-year career in Space & Defence, Retail, and the Commercial sector, he has been able to build and deploy applications at scale in almost every industry and vertical for the world’s largest brands.

These experiences lead to the creation of TAAP as a faster platform for creating applications with smaller teams, fewer errors, and as much flexibility and functionality as conventional software applications.

🔍 Areas to be discussed:

For the last 50+ years the software industry has focused upon the challenges of “Implementation” – how to write software. This has been slow, costly, prone to errors, and attracts heavy maintenance costs and technical debt, until finally the software must be re-written again. This is the software industry, but not any longer.

Steve Higgon of TAAP will be talking about AI App Builders and how the future of the Software Development industry is pivoting from “Implementation” to “AI Assisted Knowledge Engineering”. He will talk about how technology is now generating fully functional enterprise scale applications in minutes, machine generated Apps and bug free!

This is the next stage in the evolution of the No Code paradigm, further accelerating the process of developing software.

🖥️ Where and When:

Date: Thursday 23rd May
Time: 3pm
Event Type: Virtual

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of software development. Register now to secure your spot!

Event Speakers

LTL speaker - Steve Higgon

Steve Higgon



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