London Tech Leaders #6


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to London Tech Leaders #6 on the 18th June, where we’ll be joined by an all-star panel to discuss a range of topics.

We’ll be discussing:

How do you solve a problem like the digital skills gap?

According to the BBC, the UK is heading towards a “catastrophic” digital skills shortage. The demand for AI, Cloud, and Robotics skills has never been higher, however, barriers to entry in the workforce are causing an ever-widening gap. Are apprenticeships and graduate programs doing enough to build trust in the STEM industries that are increasingly perceived as exclusively selective?


Organisations have engaged remote expertise to accelerate their projects during COVID-19, but when we return to normal, will this impact productivity, collaboration and cause friction?

It’s no surprise that employees have adapted to working remotely throughout the past year. As the reopening process begins, will the way businesses communicate and track employee performance have a detrimental impact on a hybrid workforce? What tools, processes, and management techniques can business leaders put in place to manage distributed teams?


What will happen once the pandemic subsides, and how do businesses which have relied heavily on a physical footprint ensure their strategy is future proof should a similar event happen again?

The pandemic has brought a divide to the way business is carried out across industries. Those that relied on physical interactions struggled, whilst those that adapted to the digital landscape succeeded. Looking forward, how do you build systems that are future proof, without knowing what the future will hold?


What Should Technology Leaders Top Priority be in 2021?

Following the tumultuous nature of 2020, will 2021 bring past priorities to the forefront? Or will the pandemic fallout bring new challenges that need to be addressed?


This will be a lunchtime event, running on the following timings:

1200 – Introductions

1215 – Panel discussion begins

1300 – Q & A

1315 – Close

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Event Speakers

LTL speaker - David Crawford

David Crawford

NED for NHS & Fractional CTO at Ingredifind

LTL speaker - Matt Stutely OBE

Matt Stutely OBE

Head of Engineering - Ground Control

LTL speaker - Renee Hawkins

Renee Hawkins

COO - ThoughtWorks

LTL speaker - Rik Barker

Rik Barker

CIO - Flutter

LTL speaker - Mohamed Brahim

Mohamed Brahim

CTO - Profile Pensions

Event Sponsors

London Tech Leaders #6 sponsor


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