London Tech Leaders #5


We’re excited to announce our first event of 2021, LTL #5!

We’ve got an exciting panel of speakers lined up, with topics to add value to organisations large and small.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Sustainability in digitalisation
  • Managing inter-team conflicts in a remote world
  • Is the tech sector regulated enough?
  • What will impact the role of the CIO/CTO the most in the next 5 years?

Sustainability in digitalisation.

The digitalisation of the economy has arguably had a positive impact on sustainability and global climate change. However as with all change, it’s important we look at the impact from both a positive and negative standpoint, and here we will assess all things sustainability in a new digital era.

Managing inter-team conflicts in a remote world. 

Managing conflicts between teams and individuals has, and always will be, a crucial part of any leaders role. But like most aspects of our roles, the introduction of remote work has exacerbated this, adding further challenges to an already difficult part of our role. Here we’ll evaluate the issues involved and advice best practises for resolving them.

Is the tech sector regulated enough? 

Our panellists work and have worked for some of the most regulated industries out there – Finance, Gaming, and Insurance. So what are their thoughts on adding in further regulations to tech-first companies? Should it only apply to giants like Facebook and Amazon, or your smaller ecommerce start-ups?

What will impact the role of the CIO/CTO the most in the next 5 years?

Without a doubt the role of a CIO/CTO has changed drastically in the last 5 years. The rise of digital, Coronavirus and new ways of working have all changed the classic perception of these roles. But what about the next 5 years? What should technology leaders, as well as those reporting into and managing them, start preparing for now to be able to handle an ever changing job description?


This will be our first lunchtime event, running on the following schedule:

1200 – Introductions

1215 – Panel Discussion Begins

1300 – Q & A

1315 – Close


We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Event Speakers

LTL speaker - David Crawford

David Crawford

NED for NHS & Fractional CTO at Ingredifind

LTL speaker - Richard Davies

Richard Davies

CEO - Allica Bank

LTL speaker - Tony Healy

Tony Healy

CIO - Mobica

LTL speaker - Azita Esmaili

Azita Esmaili

Ex-VP, Digital Transformation - Capgemini

LTL speaker - Vicky Wills

Vicky Wills

CTO - Zego

LTL speaker - Maria Palma

Maria Palma

General Partner, Kindred Capital

Event Sponsors

London Tech Leaders #5 sponsor


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