London Tech Leaders #4

About this Event

We are pleased to share details for our December virtual London Tech Leaders event which brings together a panel of industry leaders, discussing all things technology, leadership and business.

As we close out 2020, we can’t wait to share the latest news on London Tech Leaders!


The theme of this event is building high growth technology companies, where the panel will discuss topics around the below areas:

  • Many directors are feeling outmatched by the ferocity of changing technology, emerging risks, and new competitors, what are the advantages of IT having a board seat?
  • Which industry sectors or standalone organization’s do you think are making the greatest advancements with technology and what are they doing that stands out?
  • Companies are innovating rapidly, what will it take to exceed our customers’ expectations in a digital world?
  • What are the some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced when scaling a high growth technology business, how have you managed these?
  • As we enter into 2021, what should businesses be most cautious of from both a technology and market perspective?

With further questions coming from our audience!



6:00pm – Introduction (London Tech Leaders team)

6:30pm – Virtual Panel session

7:30pm – Panel Session extended (Q&A from the audience)

8pm – Summary and Close


We look forward to seeing you at the event!



Event Speakers

LTL speaker - David Crawford

David Crawford

NED for NHS & Fractional CTO at Ingredifind

LTL speaker - Lord Ed Vaizey

Lord Ed Vaizey

Former UK Culture and Digital Minister

LTL speaker - Tugce Bulut

Tugce Bulut

CEO + Founder - Streetbees

LTL speaker - Ben Chisell

Ben Chisell

VP of Product - OakNorth Bank

LTL speaker - Anna Kuriakose

Anna Kuriakose

CPO - TotallyMoney, NED, Investor

LTL speaker - Will Sprunt

Will Sprunt

CIO - Deliveroo

Event Sponsors

London Tech Leaders #4 sponsor


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