London Tech Leaders #18 – ‘Evolution of the Modern CTO’


We’re very much looking forward to our 18th London Tech Leaders Event focused on the ‘Evolution of the Modern CTO’. 

What you can expect:

Keynote Talks: Experts from the industry will be discussing the evolution of the CTO, how the role has evolved over the years and what the future potentially looks like.

Armin Ronacher –  VP of Platform at Sentry – Talk Title: No Assumptions

From conception to market, envisioning a compelling product idea seems straightforward.  Given the abundance of computing resources, the challenge now lies in being able to create an implementation that provides for that product idea at an attractive price point or has a path towards that.  The role of the CTO has evolved to influence the product and the technology in just the right way, to find the best possible path for the business given these contraints. In this keynote we will dive into how CTOs can avoid going down the wrong technological paths by taking wrong assumptions early on.  We will look at some real world experiences of how bad assumptions lead to expensive mistakes and how to avoid these traps.

About Armin

Armin is Sentry’s VP of Platform. He started his work in Open Source building the GermanUbuntu Community portal, ubuntuusers. He is the creator of the Flask Python framework and a frequent speaker at international conferences. Armin is a significant contributor to a number of Open Source projects across Rust, Python and other languages, as well as Sentry’s core platform. Based in Vienna, Armin – when not 3d printing – enjoys spending time with his family and children.

Deep-Dive Panel Discussion:

Our main event features a riveting panel discussion on the evolving role of the modern CTO. During this engaging session, our expert panelists will delve into the following pressing topics:

  1. Does the CTO need to be able to code? How technical does the CTO need to be?
  2. Are you smarter than that CTO? What does the new ‘CTO’ look like?
  3. Is the role of the CTO market, or trend driven?
  4. Does fractional working make you less of a company person?

Meet Our Panelists:

David Crawford –  Host – NED for NHS & Fractional CTO at Ingredifind

David is a C-level tech leader with a background in leading scaled Product Development teams for Naked Wines, Camelot, Sky and BT, David has also driven Inclusion and Diversity initiatives.  David is now the Fractional CTO at Ingredifind. As well as his technology passion, David is a committed family man, part-time bee keeper and enjoys the occasional Malbec. David has been our event compere since the very beginning and has been a panel favourite ever since.

Paul Tiley  – Co-founder & CTO at Oanda Coinpass

Paul is the Head of IT and Security Architecture across all Coinpass platforms, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry across the globe. Paul has lead, designed and headed the architecture solutions for both FTSE and Fortune 500 companies, across multiple industry sectors including Technology, Media, Entertainment, eCommerce and Manufacturing. Paul’s expertise will be leveraged across organisation so that coinpass is enabled by cutting technology and security. Paul is Crypto and Blockchain enthusiast, he spends most of this free time learning, advising and getting involved in this world. Paul wants to be part of this evolution of Technology, Finance and Business efficiency.

Katherine Mora  – CTO at GoodMine

Katherine is a computer engineer by trade with over 18 years of experience as a data, search and cloud engineer in a variety of industries such as circular economy, healthcare, fashion, banking and communication. She has vast experience in data engineering  involving text analytics, data processing, data management, data pipelines, normalisation and storage. She also has combined her data engineering skills with projects that included machine learning, with a specific focus and interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Katherine has recently become the CTO at GoodMine, a search-and-match platform that connects unwanted consumer goods to the circular ecosystem, as well as being the London Chapter Lead for Latinas in Tech.

Mal Minhas  – CTO at Checkatrade

Mal is a technology industry leader with over twenty-five years of experience working in great product companies right across the scale from startups, scale-ups and Big Tech companies to industry consortia.  Mal has a strong track record in motivating and inspiring teams to deliver outstanding results on both 0->1 innovation as well as complex digital transformation initiatives.  Mal is an accomplished communicator with extensive full-stack product, engineering, technology strategy and leadership skills.

Register here

The Itinerary:

18:00 – Guests arrive, networking with technology leaders, free drinks and food

19:00 – Keynote Talks

19:45 – Panel discussion begins

20:15 – Networking with technology leaders, open bar

22:30 – Event ends


Please note that upon registering you will be asked to RSVP in order to get on the guest-list. If you can’t attend you must RSVP no. Failure to attend after RSVP’ing Yes can result in barring from future events.

This is an exclusive event for senior technology leaders only (C-suite/Head of/ Director), please note we reserve the right to withdraw registrations if deemed unsuitable by our team.

See our Attendance Policy for full details

Event Speakers

LTL speaker - David Crawford

David Crawford

NED for NHS & Fractional CTO at Ingredifind

LTL speaker - Paul Tiley

Paul Tiley

Co-founder & CTO at Oanda Coinpass

LTL speaker - Katherine Mora

Katherine Mora

CTO at GoodMine

LTL speaker - Mal Minhas

Mal Minhas

CTO at Checkatrade

LTL speaker - Armin Ronacher

Armin Ronacher

VP of Platform at Sentry

Event Location

Event Sponsors

London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #18 - 'Evolution of the Modern CTO' sponsor


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