London Tech Leaders #17 – ‘Low Code, No Code’


Step into the realm of Low Code, No Code. Come and network with industry peers and gain insights from some of the brightest minds in the field! Hosted by Zego at their London office.

What you can expect:

Keynote Talks: Experts from the industry will be discussing Low Code, No Code and what the future of technology potentially looks like and how the development of code may change in the years to come:

Is automation all hype? Paving a new way of working in technology…’

James Funge & Knut Lytskjold Haukenes – Leapwork

Steve Higgon – TAAP

Join James, Knut & Steve for a keynote with a twist. Our speakers will be debating whether automation allows business & IT to work better together as we embrace a new culture and development era.

Gain valuable insights from real-life user business cases, providing strategic solutions for today’s challenges. Join us for an enlightening discussion that promises to reshape your perspective on the future of work for leaders and their teams.

Deep-Dive Panel Discussion: 🤿

Our main event features a riveting panel discussion on Low Code, No Code and what that means for leaders moving forward. During this engaging session, our expert panelists will delve into the following pressing topics:

  1. If we can create so much with low code, no code, will that signal the death for the true engineer/solve the technology skills gap? 🤔 
  2. Can you scale your business effectively using low code platforms? ⚖ 
  3. Given your reliance on no-code, low code platforms & tools, how does this impact your potential to own the IP? 👑 
  4. Given AI, is all the code we’ll ever need now written? ✍ 

Meet Our Panelists:

David Crawford –  Host – NED for NHS & Fractional CTO at Ingredifind

David is a C-level tech leader with a background in leading scaled Product Development teams for Naked Wines, Camelot, Sky and BT, David has also driven Inclusion and Diversity initiatives.  David is now the Fractional CTO at Ingredifind. As well as his technology passion, David is a committed family man, part-time bee keeper and enjoys the occasional Malbec. David has been our event compere since the very beginning and has been a panel favourite ever since.

Chen Salomon – Director of Engineering at

Chen is a Director of Engineering at with over a decade of experience in engineering management and development. In his current role In his previous role as VP of R&D at Playbuzz, he led a team of over 40 engineers and was responsible for the development and launch of several successful high-scale products. His main interests are software design and architecture, data engineering, and global teams management.

Caroline Glassberg-Powell – CTO at Tracr

Caroline has been developing software for the best part of 20 years,most recently as the CTO of Tracr, the diamond traceability company using ML and Blockchain (yes, all the buzzwords) to ensure that unethical diamonds cannot enter the supply chain. Whilst having dabbled in no code/low code, she often finds that anything which involves Googling or ChatGPTing how to workaround framework limitations tedious and she’d rather roll her own! When not tinkering with software, Caroline enjoys exercise, nature, and playing the cello.

Brian Tamburello – Senior Director of Engineering at Smart Pension

Brian is an engineer who accidentally fell into management over 15 years ago, and for some inexplicable reason, he’s kept at it. He’s currently at Smart Technology, where for the last 3 years he has led the global technology organisation. For most of the decade prior, Brian has worked in scale-up SaaS and PaaS managed services, with a recent bias toward FinTech. Brian currently resides on the planet earth, with a wife, two children, a dog, a cat, and a mild suspicion that we are living inside of a simulation.

Neil Douek – Global Product Owner at Fujitsu & AppCircle Advisor

Neil is an experienced technologist with a deep passion for engineering, automation, and AI. Neil is also a major contributor to digital transformations and DevOps initiatives across various sectors, including finance and healthcare. At the National DevOps, Neil’s keynote focused the evolution of engineering, and the role of AI and hyper automation. He is currently helping Fujitsu with their global Platform Engineering and advising Appcircle on their mobile app development platform.

Nikola Babic – Staff Engineer at Zego

As a Staff Software Engineer at Zego, Nikola has spent the past two years working across offline and online customer servicing to drive innovation and efficiency. Before joining Zego, he served as Principal Engineer at Ovo Energy, where he led the rebuild of their insurance business. Nikola is passionate about engineering, AI, and automation, with a particular focus on streamlining repetitive and manual tasks throughout the organisation. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, including tennis, which he recently picked up again after a decade-long break.

The Itinerary:

18:00 – Guests arrive and kick off the evening with an open bar with food supplied, and an opportunity to network with industry peers. Connect with fellow senior technologists and leaders, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections

19:00 – Keynote Talks

19:30 – Panel discussion begins

20:15 – Networking with technology leaders, open bar

22:30 – Event ends


Please note that upon registering you will be asked to RSVP in order to get on the guest-list. If you can’t attend you must RSVP no. Failure to attend after RSVP’ing Yes can result in barring from future events.

This is an exclusive event for senior technology leaders only (C-suite/Head of/ Director), please note we reserve the right to withdraw registrations if deemed unsuitable by our team.

See our Attendance Policy for full details


Event Speakers

LTL speaker - David Crawford

David Crawford

NED for NHS & Fractional CTO at Ingredifind

LTL speaker - Chen Salomon

Chen Salomon

Director of Engineering at

LTL speaker - Caroline Glassberg-Powell

Caroline Glassberg-Powell

CTO at Tracr

LTL speaker - Brian Tamburello

Brian Tamburello

Senior Director of Engineering at Smart Pension

LTL speaker - Neil Douek

Neil Douek

Global PO Owner at Fujitsu & Appcircle Advisor

LTL speaker - Nikola Babic

Nikola Babic

Staff Engineer at Zego

LTL speaker - James Funge

James Funge

Regional Director - Commercial / Mid Market UK, EMEA and APAC at Leapwork

LTL speaker - Knut Lytskjold Haukenes

Knut Lytskjold Haukenes

Regional Enterprise Director at Leapwork

LTL speaker - Steve Higgon

Steve Higgon


Event Sponsors

London Tech Leaders #17 - 'Low Code, No Code' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #17 - 'Low Code, No Code' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #17 - 'Low Code, No Code' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #17 - 'Low Code, No Code' sponsor
London Tech Leaders #17 - 'Low Code, No Code' sponsor


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