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4 Myths That Are Killing Business Today By Greg Satell

The unicorn is perhaps unique among myths in that the creature doesn’t appear in the mythology of any culture. The ancient Greeks, for all of their […]

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10 Untold Secrets of a SaaS CTO – How to Become a Chief Technology Officer By Houman Asefi

I had the privilege of an hour interview with a reputable SaaS CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in Telecom / Service Provider space. As the interview […]


Dealing with low performance as a manager By Rob Lambert

This week I was speaking to be common is “moving problem people around”. As in, low performers are simply moved around a business – rather […]


The Art of Customer Service By Rob Lambert

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or what role you have; we are all in customer service. Customer service is the new marketing […]


Remote working – the spectrum of humanity By James Stanier

This article is part of a series on remote working. OK, a quick recap… In the last article we looked at the spectrum of permanence, which showed […]


The Problems with Employee Engagement Surveys By Rob Lambert

The problems with Employee Engagement Surveys; Employee Engagement surveys and initiatives are everywhere. It’s almost become a corporate mandate to have an Engagement initiative. In […]

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Business Crisis Development Strategy By Houman Asefi

Crisis in business can pose a significant threat to our person, mind reputation, and more. Like humans, businesses also face dilemmas during their existence, and […]


Six Tools for Managing Stress Levels as a Leader  By Kate Horwood

As a leader, you will have undoubtably developed a good level of resilience to stress levels to get to where you are. Yet, as a […]


Psychological Safety In Teams By Christina Ljungberg

In a team building activity I once participated in, I had an experience that relates to psychological safety. Divided in groups, we were asked to […]

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Software Engineering Metrics – a practical view By Francisco Trindade

Tell Me How You Measure Me – Software engineering metrics In one of my last posts, I’ve mentioned metrics as a tool I use to manage […]


How to spot systemic problems in your organisation By Rob Lambert

Systemic problems – Round and round we go – solving the same problems again, fixing the same issues, bringing in new people who get the […]

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Domain Services: The Next Evolution of Microservices By Nick Tune

The microservices era has been good for software architecture. I remember when the idea of multiple databases was punishable by death. But, the over-focus on […]


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