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The Problems with Employee Engagement Surveys By Rob Lambert

The problems with Employee Engagement Surveys; Employee Engagement surveys and initiatives are everywhere. It’s almost become a corporate mandate to have an Engagement initiative. In […]

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Business Crisis Development Strategy By Houman Asefi

Crisis in business can pose a significant threat to our person, mind reputation, and more. Like humans, businesses also face dilemmas during their existence, and […]


Six Tools for Managing Stress Levels as a Leader  By Kate Horwood

As a leader, you will have undoubtably developed a good level of resilience to stress levels to get to where you are. Yet, as a […]


Psychological Safety In Teams By Christina Ljungberg

In a team building activity I once participated in, I had an experience that relates to psychological safety. Divided in groups, we were asked to […]

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Software Engineering Metrics – a practical view By Francisco Trindade

Tell Me How You Measure Me – Software engineering metrics In one of my last posts, I’ve mentioned metrics as a tool I use to manage […]


How to spot systemic problems in your organisation By Rob Lambert

Systemic problems – Round and round we go – solving the same problems again, fixing the same issues, bringing in new people who get the […]

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Domain Services: The Next Evolution of Microservices By Nick Tune

The microservices era has been good for software architecture. I remember when the idea of multiple databases was punishable by death. But, the over-focus on […]

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Double Your Impact-Per-Engineer By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Having had the opportunity to work with dozens of teams and companies globally, I’ve spent quite some time considering what seems to set the best […]

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Strategy Manifesto; Road to Market Domination By Houman Asefi

It is absolutely essential for business leaders to hold themselves accountable to their own principles and values. This is why, I drafted my very own […]


Slack Case Study: Intuit – Connecting teams to support 50 million customers around the world By Slack

Founded in 1983, Intuit is a technology company with global products and platforms, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and Turbo, that are designed to empower consumers, […]

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Six Tips for Modernising Legacy IT systems By Akshay Upadhye

In normal terms, inheriting a legacy would sometimes be taken positively as you are being handed over something received from an ancestor or predecessor and […]

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How is it going? – Reporting up as an Engineering Leader By Francisco Trindade

While I have been in technology and management for a while, for a series of different reasons, I hadn’t reported directly to someone until recently. […]


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