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What systems are most effective for giving feedback to employees?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Try Netflix’s 5 A’s for giving & receiving feedback: 1. Aim to assist 2. (Make) Actionable 3. Appreciate 4. Accept or discard feedback 5. Adapt […]


Strategy execution: Building transparency & predictability into the uncertain By Sarah Dearden

Building an element of transparency and predictability into your software delivery or the execution of your transformation strategy is key to building trust and positive […]


What Leader(s) Over Your Product Career Truly Changed How You Approach Product Management?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Short answer: I learned from bosses & peers, including famous peeps like Reed Hastings, Patty McCord, and Dan Rosensweig. But mainly, I learned by doing, […]


What specifics in daily routine separate good Product Leaders from great Product Leaders?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Short answer to what makes great product leaders: Begin your day with intent, minimize meetings, spend time with customers, manage your own career, balance time between […]


Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Product Manager By Jack Leon

An Agile Product Manager is a key member of an Agile development team who is responsible for defining and prioritising the product backlog and ensuring that the […]


When Product Fails By Aviv Ben-Yosef

I’ve been using the term “Product Engineering” to describe software production, even though it is still separated into two different departments in most companies. That’s […]


Objecting to Objectives By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Let’s clarify: I am not against using objectives as a tech executive to guide your organization. In fact, I believe they are a fantastic tool […]


Go to Market Strategy Explained: Simple Version By Houman Asefi

A Go To Market Strategy is essentially a plan of how a company is going to attack a specific market segment or release a new […]


Data Ownership: Reports and Dashboards By Nicola Askham

If you’ve ever read any of my previous blogs on data ownership, you’ll probably know that I feel quite categorically, from my many years of […]


Forming Alliances By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Every senior leadership role gets lonely from time to time. It is natural and yet extremely exhausting. Even the most energetic people I worked with, […]


The Art of Customer Service By Rob Lambert

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or what role you have; we are all in customer service. Customer service is the new marketing […]

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Slack Case Study: Auto Trader ships code and resolves incidents in record time By Slack

“Slack has enabled us to become more connected. Collaboration is seamless, so it’s much easier to keep in touch despite the fact our schedules don’t […]


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