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The 3 Traits of Successful Cyber Security Leaders By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

The cyber security transformative urgency in many firms forces to look beyond traditional technology profiles. Cyber security has risen to prominence on the agenda of […]


Value Propositions and Tech: VHS vs Betamax By Tendayi Viki

In November 2015, Sony finally announced that it would stop selling Betamax video cassettes. By this time, its battle for dominance with the rival VHS […]


Go to Market Strategy Explained: Simple Version By Houman Asefi

A Go To Market Strategy is essentially a plan of how a company is going to attack a specific market segment or release a new […]

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Software Development Accountability By Francisco Trindade

All businesses want accountability. It is part of making anything work. If you need to achieve results, you need to deliver something, and it would […]

Cyber SecurityLeadership

Why Cybersecurity is Now a Board-Level Leadership Imperative By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Supporting cybersecurity and promoting it has now become a plain matter of good leadership. We are not hearing enough about the short tenure of the CISO. Regular studies place […]


3 Reasons Why Business Thinking Is Bad: Culture By Greg Satell

“The single most important message in this book is very simple,” reads the first line in John Kotter’s highly regarded business culture book, The Heart of […]


The Case for Longer Tech Tenures By Aviv Ben-Yosef

The average tenure for software engineers and other tech professions has been around two years for a while now. We seem to have accepted this […]

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Leading by Listening: CISO By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

The times have gone when the CISO had to explain what cyber security was about and the value it brought In the face of non-stop cyber-attacks, and […]


A.I and Employee Experience By David H. Deans

Ongoing concerns about economic volatility and access to skilled digital transformation talent are top-of-mind for many CEOs and CFOs. And, business technology investment is being […]


How to identify a core customer’s identity By Dominic Monkhouse

If there’s one thing that most CEOs struggle with, it’s knowing who buys their company’s products. Early on in our coaching relationship, we ask our […]

Cyber SecurityDigital TransformationLeadership

String (cheese) theory of zero trust cybersecurity models By Martyn Ditchburn

I regularly get asked, “How did you drive the change from the traditional data centre and legacy architecture to a new paradigm of 100% cloud, […]

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How to accelerate an engineer’s experience By Aviv Ben-Yosef

No CTO in the world would pass on a magic wand that would magically make their engineers more senior and accelerate their experience. It seems […]


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