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An award winning team project – 10 month turnaround By Christina Ljungberg

The Intelligence & Efficiency Team was formed two years ago. It is a digital, remote team that is spread out over several cities in two countries. […]


Human Resources Innovation to Drive Digital Growth By David H. Deans

CEOs are requiring their Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to reimagine the HR charter to focus more on enabling the organization to achieve strategic business […]


Sprints and Marathons By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Developing software products is a long-term effort and requires ongoing adjustments. These marathons are usually composed of multiple iterations or sprints. However, these today in […]


How do I avoid burnout in the long run? By Kate Horwood

“Hi Kate, how do I avoid burnout in the long run? I find that weekends or rest days don’t take away from the overall burnout. […]


Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Product Manager By Jack Leon

An Agile Product Manager is a key member of an Agile development team who is responsible for defining and prioritising the product backlog and ensuring that the […]

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Effective Engineering Managers By Francisco Trindade

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the primary role of Engineering Managers (EM) is to create an effective team that can deliver […]


Learn how to use stress to your advantage By Kate Horwood

Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life. Hans Selye, best known for his pioneering studies about the effects of stress on the human body, noted: “Without […]


Why are my Daily Scrums running over By Jack Leon

Daily scrums do over run and this shouldn’t be seen as a problem. Actually we encourage you to view this as a positive thing, the […]


Good Communication is Agility By Rob Lambert

I work a lot in the “Agile” space…..apparently. I help companies release business agility through effective communication, but the more I work in this space, […]


Engineering Leadership Tactics: Mind the Input By Francisco Trindade

How an engineering team’s performance is defined by the work they take in. While talking about Systemic Leadership for software teams, one question that often comes […]


Six tools for managing stress as a leader By Kate Horwood

If you’re a leader in the workplace, you will have undoubtably developed a good level of stress resilience to get to where you are. Yet, […]


How customer feedback data is just as important as financial data By Dominic Monkhouse

Think back to your last Executive meeting. Was there any discussion of customer feedback? If so, was this dominated by one or two people whilst […]


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