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Fortify cloud workloads using intelligent automation By Martyn Ditchburn

Fortifying cloud workloads using intelligent automation. For any IT professional — or for that matter, business professional — the shift to cloud architectures has brought […]


The Self-Encapsulating CTO By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Self-Encapsulating CTOs and VPEs tend to come from a technical background, naturally. That means that some patterns of thought have been engraved in their mind. […]


How To Bring An Innovation Culture To Life By Tendayi Viki

According to the Financial Times, 2019 is set to be a turbulent year for the world’s biggest companies, related to innovation and culture. A perfect storm […]

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Tips on getting results with small engineering teams. By Francisco Trindade

A few tips on getting big results with small engineering teams. Technology is a fast-paced field, especially in early-stage companies where every hour and day […]


What is succession planning? By Rob Lambert

Succession planning is very simple, yet so few managers do it. Maybe it’s because well-intentioned HR leaders, managers and consulting companies have made it sound […]


The Origin of Innovation By Aviv Ben-Yosef

When I talk about the concept of making innovation origin habitual in R&D organisations, many tech executives recoil at first. It might sound daunting or […]


How To Become a SaaS CISO By Houman Asefi

Aakassh is a SaaS CISO Chief Information Security Officer in Australia for a long time and during 1-hour interview, he discussed the mindset that could […]

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What should Engineering Managers do? By Francisco Trindade

While I don’t want to dissect all that has been said on it (read it, it’s excellent), I want to go deeper in one topic […]


Mistakes Intrapreneurs make in their Companies By Tendayi Viki

Most large corporations have entrepreneurial employees who are constantly trying to innovate, there are a few mistakes intrepreneurs make in their companies. As far as […]


The Problems with Employee Engagement Surveys By Rob Lambert

The problems with Employee Engagement Surveys; Employee Engagement surveys and initiatives are everywhere. It’s almost become a corporate mandate to have an Engagement initiative. In […]

Cyber SecurityDev-OpsLeadership

Cyber Security: the message that never makes it up to the board By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Cyber security was never a purely technical problem; it is not a leadership imperative in many firms For the past 20 years, cyber security – […]

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Business Crisis Development Strategy By Houman Asefi

Crisis in business can pose a significant threat to our person, mind reputation, and more. Like humans, businesses also face dilemmas during their existence, and […]


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