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Is it Time to Accept that the Current Role of the CISO Has Failed?

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has been in existence for the best part of the last 30 years. Infosec legends say […]


Forming an Architecture Modernization Enabling Team (AMET)

An AMET is an architecture Enabling Team that helps to coordinate and upskill all teams and stakeholders involved in a modernization initiative. Architecture modernization initiatives […]


Strategy for Engineering Managers By Francisco Trindade

Engineering Managers (EMs) have their sights focused on execution and people. They are working to ensure their team is achieving its goals and that their […]


Evaluating Leadership: Beyond the Basics By Aviv Ben-Yosef

In the high-speed tech world, hiring senior talent often feels like trying to assemble a puzzle while riding a horse-drawn carriage on cobblestones. We tend […]


What systems are most effective for giving feedback to employees?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Try Netflix’s 5 A’s for giving & receiving feedback: 1. Aim to assist 2. (Make) Actionable 3. Appreciate 4. Accept or discard feedback 5. Adapt […]


Workaholic: How can I stop over-investing & taking on too much at work? By Kate Horwood

Hi Kate, I’m a bit of a workaholic and I over-invest myself in work matters, caring about things that I don’t need to get involved […]


How do I make sure my work is visible? By James Stanier

It’s all a blur! Leading well means enabling your team to do their best work. But one problem that many leaders face is feeling like their […]


What Leader(s) Over Your Product Career Truly Changed How You Approach Product Management?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Short answer: I learned from bosses & peers, including famous peeps like Reed Hastings, Patty McCord, and Dan Rosensweig. But mainly, I learned by doing, […]


Fast-forwarding decision making

All organisations waste a huge amount of time believing that they are making progress on decisions, when in fact they’re just involved in the theatre of decision making. This […]


What specifics in daily routine separate good Product Leaders from great Product Leaders?: Ask Gib By Gibson Biddle

Short answer to what makes great product leaders: Begin your day with intent, minimize meetings, spend time with customers, manage your own career, balance time between […]


Dealing with problems – 6 clever ways to understand the problem By Rob Lambert

There’s a general systems thinking idea that states : “if people are part of the problem, then they are also part of the solution”. It’s true. […]


An award winning team project – 10 month turnaround By Christina Ljungberg

The Intelligence & Efficiency Team was formed two years ago. It is a digital, remote team that is spread out over several cities in two countries. […]


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