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The Environmental Cost of All That Digital… By Justin Townsend

When it comes to environmental cost. It is with a small weight of mental dissonance for me, this post is pushed to the internet ether […]


The Void of Empowerment By Aviv Ben-Yosef

When it comes to empowerment: A recurring issue for people as their position in a company becomes more senior—either due to being promoted or having […]

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4 Myths That Are Killing Business Today By Greg Satell

The unicorn is perhaps unique among myths in that the creature doesn’t appear in the mythology of any culture. The ancient Greeks, for all of their […]

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Digital Transformation: Trying Too Hard To Automate, And Other Risks By Joe McKendrick

When it comes to digital transformation, Did you know you can over-automate an operation? There’s been an unstoppable rush to digitally transform everything in sight, […]


Five Excuses Leaders Use To Justify Stifling Innovation By Tendayi Viki

Working in large companies nowadays is interesting. On the one hand, leaders now understand that they need to utilise innovation. On the other hand, they […]


How Digital Growth is Driven By Talent Strategies By David H. Deans

Where CEOs choose to apply cost savings is important. According to the latest market study by Gartner, organisations that balanced workforce cost savings with targeted […]


We Need New Skills For A New Era Of Innovation

The late Clayton Christensen had a theory about “jobs to be done.” In his view, customers don’t buy products as much as they “hire” companies to do specific […]

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Risks Of Digital Transformation: Over-Automation By Joe McKendrick

Risks Of Digital Transformation – did you know you can over-automate an operation? There’s been an unstoppable rush to digitally transform everything in sight, but […]


Fostering Executives By Aviv Ben-Yosef

When I first started thinking about this topic, I felt that I was exaggerating how common it is. However, with time, I realised that this […]


Is Your Company Ready For Innovation? By Tendayi Viki

Established companies have to be ready for innovation when running their core business. This is a reality that is now accepted by the majority of […]

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The Rise of the New Branch Office By Martyn Ditchburn

“Everything fails all of the time,” according to Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon Web Services. The remote nature of the branch office often means that operations in […]


How To Bring An Innovation Culture To Life By Tendayi Viki

According to the Financial Times, 2019 is set to be a turbulent year for the world’s biggest companies, related to innovation and culture. A perfect storm […]


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