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The Rise of the New Branch Office By Martyn Ditchburn

“Everything fails all of the time,” according to Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon Web Services. The remote nature of the branch office often means that operations in […]


How To Bring An Innovation Culture To Life By Tendayi Viki

According to the Financial Times, 2019 is set to be a turbulent year for the world’s biggest companies, related to innovation and culture. A perfect storm […]


What is succession planning? By Rob Lambert

Succession planning is very simple, yet so few managers do it. Maybe it’s because well-intentioned HR leaders, managers and consulting companies have made it sound […]


The Origin of Innovation By Aviv Ben-Yosef

When I talk about the concept of making innovation origin habitual in R&D organisations, many tech executives recoil at first. It might sound daunting or […]


How To Become a SaaS CISO By Houman Asefi

Aakassh is a SaaS CISO Chief Information Security Officer in Australia for a long time and during 1-hour interview, he discussed the mindset that could […]


Mistakes Intrapreneurs make in their Companies By Tendayi Viki

Most large corporations have entrepreneurial employees who are constantly trying to innovate, there are a few mistakes intrepreneurs make in their companies. As far as […]

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Business Crisis Development Strategy By Houman Asefi

Crisis in business can pose a significant threat to our person, mind reputation, and more. Like humans, businesses also face dilemmas during their existence, and […]


Innovation – Why Large Companies Continue To Struggle By Tendayi Viki

In terms of innovation, Xerox invented most of the technologies that we use in personal computing today. But Xerox is not one of the largest […]

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Software Engineering Metrics – a practical view By Francisco Trindade

Tell Me How You Measure Me – Software engineering metrics In one of my last posts, I’ve mentioned metrics as a tool I use to manage […]


How to spot systemic problems in your organisation By Rob Lambert

Systemic problems – Round and round we go – solving the same problems again, fixing the same issues, bringing in new people who get the […]


Kiss The Old Ways Goodbye – Cloud Disruption By Ian Moyse

The need for change and acceptance of the fact that your status quo for business may be no Longer has never been truer in reference […]

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Double Your Impact-Per-Engineer By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Having had the opportunity to work with dozens of teams and companies globally, I’ve spent quite some time considering what seems to set the best […]


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