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Digital TransformationInnovation

Digital transformation: anyone can do strategy, execution is your differentiator By Sarah Dearden

In business you’re only as good as your last delivery; this ethos is the driving force behind my professional approach and something that can act […]

Cyber SecurityDigital TransformationHiring

Talent and Governance, not Technology, are Key to Drive Change around Cyber Security By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

You Are Not Going to Fix Your Cyber Security Problems by Buying More Tech For the last 20 years, large organizations have been spending significant […]

Digital TransformationInnovation

The Great Digital Reckoning is Near By Greg Satell

Roger McNamee is one of the smartest investors in tech, seemingly always ahead of the curve. A long-time sounding board to Bill Gates he was an […]

CloudDigital Transformation

Strategic Benefit of Scaling Cloud-based Digital Transformation By David H. Deans

Business technology can be the great enabler that differentiates an enterprise from its mainstream peer group. Make no mistake, delivering digital business value whilst scaling […]

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy: 5 Key Concepts By Sarah Dearden

You are aware of the business benefits of a digital transformation strategy. You understand the need to leverage technology to drive competitive advantage. You know […]

Digital Transformation

Stop calling it Technical Debt By Jack Leon

So as not to contradict the title of this article, I am going to refer to technical debt as the debt-previously-known-as-technical and hope that doesn’t make this article unnecessarily […]

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation: 5 tips for success By Sarah Dearden

Digital transformation is not a new concept. It has been key to the survival of many businesses during the pandemic, and its importance will only […]

ArchitectureDigital TransformationProductivitySoftware Engineering

Technical Debt and Ageing Systems By Christina Ljungberg

When developers take shortcuts or decrease the quality to gain time, they will cause a technical debt. By doing nothing and letting the system age, […]

Cyber SecurityDigital TransformationLeadership

String (cheese) theory of zero trust cybersecurity models By Martyn Ditchburn

I regularly get asked, “How did you drive the change from the traditional data centre and legacy architecture to a new paradigm of 100% cloud, […]

Digital TransformationInnovationLeadershipProductivity

How to accelerate an engineer’s experience By Aviv Ben-Yosef

No CTO in the world would pass on a magic wand that would magically make their engineers more senior and accelerate their experience. It seems […]

Digital TransformationInnovation

WEB 3.0 world for successful businesses By Houman Asefi

The world is changing and if you are stuck in the old world, your business will die. Brands are now innovating with the speed of […]

Dev-OpsDigital TransformationLeadership

Why the C-Suite Craves Digital App Acceleration By David H. Deans

Business model evolution and growth are still top priorities for forward-thinking leadership. In fact, 70% of surveyed boards of directors will accelerate digital business initiatives, […]


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