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Data Governance Interview with Rob Saundby By Nicola Askham

About Rob: I have been working in IT for over twenty years, of which the last ten have been specialising in data management. During this […]


What is a Data Domain? By Nicola Askham

What is a data domain? This is a very short and succinct question, and I thought the answer was likely to be the same. However, […]

Cyber SecurityDataDev-Ops

Do Cyber Security Programmes really work? By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

When some people say they don’t know what to do around cyber, you may want to ask them where they have been for the last […]


Data Literacy: So What? By Nicola Askham

The topic of data literacy seems to swirling around organisations at the moment and the push is to see how data literate they are and […]

DataDev-OpsDigital Transformation

What’s the difference between data governance and data management? By Nicola Askham

The language used when discussing data governance and data management can be incredibly subjective. Data governance is full of jargon and buzzwords, which all mean […]


Data Glossary – can I fast-track the creation by using standard definitions? By Nicola Askham

Data Governance takes a long time, and particularly in the early phases, it takes quite a lot of effort. Therefore, it is understandable that people […]


What is Data Governance? By Nicola Askham

So Data Governance, what you need to know if you are just starting out I’ve been writing blogs on this topic for many years now […]

DataSoftware Engineering

How should a code test evaluate a developer? By Christina Ljungberg

ARE ALGORITHM TESTS IMPORTANT? As a developer, is it important to have excellent skills in vanilla javascript and algorithms? It might be in cases where […]

DataDigital Transformation

The difference between a Data Catalogue and a Data Glossary By Nicola Askham

Data Governance is full of lots of jargon and terminology which can mean different things to different people. It’s all very subjective and this is […]


What is data stewardship? By Nicola Askham

If you Google ‘data governance’ you will find that the terms ‘data stewardship’ and ‘data ownership’ appear alongside the many definitions of data governance. Over […]

DataDigital Transformation

Do Data Governance Initiatives Age Out? By Nicola Askham

It’s very rare that I’m able to give a definite answer to a Data Governance question, more often than not my answer is: it depends. […]

DataDigital Transformation

What is Data Ownership? By Nicola Askham

We are going back to basics in this blog with a simple question that I’ve been asked quite a lot recently, “What is Data Ownership?” […]


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