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The Relationship Between Software Architecture And Business Models (and more) By Nick Tune

As an architect, how often are you thinking about business models? If every significant architecture decision has business consequences, then knowing the business model and […]

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Why Microservices? By Christina Ljungberg

Microservices is a way of separating a system into smaller autonomous parts. This can be done in many ways, but I’m most into the event-driven […]

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Should We Create a Shared Service? A Decision-making Checklist By Nick Tune

One of the key decisions we need to make in software architecture and in our organisations is when and where to create shared services and […]


Credit Science: the new discipline we’ve created to redefine borrowing for the Missing Middle By Sean Hunter

When it comes to commercial lending, credit analysis is an essential part of the process. Banks use it to assesses the ability of a business […]

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Product-aligned vs Capability-aligned Organisation Design By Nick Tune

There are broadly two dominant approaches used to organise teams in modern organisations that have moved beyond traditional activity-oriented organisation design (organising people by their […]

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Are there any good reasons to not continuously work with a system’s architecture? I don’t think so. In my opinion it should be part of […]

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Organisational Dysfunctions Mirrored as Architectural Complexity By Nick Tune

We have come to acknowledge in recent years that there is a strong relationship between the design of a software architecture and the shape of […]

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Legacy Architecture Modernisation With Strategic Domain-Driven Design By Nick Tune

Most organisations go through an architecture modernisation effort at some point as their systems drift into a state of intolerable maintenance costs and they diverge […]

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Visualising Sociotechnical Architecture with DDD and Team Topologies By Nick Tune

I’ve been disappointed for a long time with the way in which companies organise software development teams. I remember as a young, naive software developer, […]


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