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We Expect Humans To Be Accountable. We Should Expect No Less Of AI By Greg Satell

About ten years ago, IBM invited me to talk with some key members on the Watson team, when the triumph of creating a machine that […]


Will AI get the ESG treatment? By Martyn Ditchburn

Recent advances in generative AI capabilities have prompted a flurry of regulatory measures across the globe, and governments are scrambling to craft the benchmark legislation […]


Is AI for boring? By Marcus Kirsch

In over 20 years, when running innovation and idea workshops, the apparent ideas often already exist come out first. Finding real innovation or unique ideas […]


Langchain, a land grab for standards in LLM space, or is it too late? By Justin Townsend

Hype and FOMO currently surround the large language model (LLM) innovation in computing, so like millions of others, I’ve been getting to grips with the […]

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SaaS is the way forward and the way forward is SaaS By Ian Moyse

SaaS (Software as a Service) is not a new term and has shown continued adoption and growth year on year since the term first appeared […]


Data Governance on a ‘shoestring’ budget By Nicola Askham

YES, IT’S POSSIBLE Demand for data governance is increasing as the result of Coronavirus, and at a time where resources are scarce. There’s a huge […]


How AI can be bought closer to patients – the options and the ethics. By Jason Engelbrecht

  Cancer is not a single disease but rather a collection of over 200 illnesses which share a combination of underlying environmental and genetic causes. […]


Credit Science: the new discipline we’ve created to redefine borrowing for the Missing Middle By Sean Hunter

When it comes to commercial lending, credit analysis is an essential part of the process. Banks use it to assesses the ability of a business […]


If you can donate your body to science why can’t you donate your data? By Jason Engelbrecht

Who owns your wearable data? The data collected by wearables and medical IOT devices should belong to users. Manufacturer data silos and proprietary AI are […]


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