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Intro to Generative AI Vector Databases and RAG Models

In today’s digital business landscape, effective knowledge management (KM) is a strategic imperative. Organizations are drowning in raw data assets, yet struggle to extract meaningful […]


Trend: GenAI Mobile Messaging Apps

Mobile communications applications continue to evolve in response to new technology use cases. Telecom service providers and software vendors are now exploring applications for Artificial […]


Emerging AI Revolution at the Edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating cloud-enabled transformation, but what if its true power lies at the network edge? Edge AI workloads, where processing happens on […]


GenAI Apps for SMB Marketers and Salespeople

The global marketing and sales landscape is evolving rapidly. New business technology is a game-changer, promising to automate tedious tasks and unlock new levels of […]


19 AI Apps Every Government Must Launch in 2024 to Keep Up With the Disruption

The pace of technological change is relentless, and governments around the world are struggling to keep up. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming industries, societies, […]


The Rise of GenAI-Powered PCs and Smartphones

The exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications will create demand for new devices that are purposely enabled and enhanced to deliver superior end-user experiences. […]


New GenAI-based Tools Transform DevOps

As a savvy CEO, you may believe that your organization is an IT innovator. But are you ready to become a Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) […]


We Expect Humans To Be Accountable. We Should Expect No Less Of AI By Greg Satell

About ten years ago, IBM invited me to talk with some key members on the Watson team, when the triumph of creating a machine that […]


Will AI get the ESG treatment? By Martyn Ditchburn

Recent advances in generative AI capabilities have prompted a flurry of regulatory measures across the globe, and governments are scrambling to craft the benchmark legislation […]


Is AI for boring? By Marcus Kirsch

In over 20 years, when running innovation and idea workshops, the apparent ideas often already exist come out first. Finding real innovation or unique ideas […]


Langchain, a land grab for standards in LLM space, or is it too late? By Justin Townsend

Hype and FOMO currently surround the large language model (LLM) innovation in computing, so like millions of others, I’ve been getting to grips with the […]

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SaaS is the way forward and the way forward is SaaS By Ian Moyse

SaaS (Software as a Service) is not a new term and has shown continued adoption and growth year on year since the term first appeared […]


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