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Sprints and Marathons By Aviv Ben-Yosef

Developing software products is a long-term effort and requires ongoing adjustments. These marathons are usually composed of multiple iterations or sprints. However, these today in […]


Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Product Manager By Jack Leon

An Agile Product Manager is a key member of an Agile development team who is responsible for defining and prioritising the product backlog and ensuring that the […]


Why committing to less story points will increase your velocity By Gábor Csomák

Planning poker and sprint planning are tricky areas, and we can improve the team velocity a lot by only committing 80% to the team capacity. […]


From Chaos to Collaboration: Improving Your Bootcamp Project Workflow By Craig Norford

As a software engineer who entered the tech industry through a bootcamp, I’ve had the opportunity to teach part-time at the same bootcamp where I […]


Why are my Daily Scrums running over By Jack Leon

Daily scrums do over run and this shouldn’t be seen as a problem. Actually we encourage you to view this as a positive thing, the […]

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Software Engineering Metrics – a practical view By Francisco Trindade

Tell Me How You Measure Me – Software engineering metrics In one of my last posts, I’ve mentioned metrics as a tool I use to manage […]

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Digital Transformation Myths Busted By Akshay Upadhye

Data from Deloitte’s 2020 global tech leadership survey shows the following: 79 percent of organisations globally are engaged in a digital transformation effort, with nearly […]

AgileDigital Transformation

How to Release Agility in your Company By Rob Lambert

It didn’t go down well. Well, it wouldn’t have gone down well with you either, if you’d spent over £20 million pounds to “Go Agile” […]

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Why Microservices? By Christina Ljungberg

Microservices is a way of separating a system into smaller autonomous parts. This can be done in many ways, but I’m most into the event-driven […]

AgileDigital TransformationProductivity

How to find levers of change in your company By Rob Lambert

In order to Release Agility in your organisation you’ll need to instigate programs of change. Change is always happening, but Releasing Agility needs change that is directed, […]

AgileDigital TransformationProductProductivity

Principles of Agility By Rob Lambert

When it comes to agility I’ve had leaders tell me to force it, buy it, demand it, mandate it….I don’t work with people like that. […]


10 Reasons Why Being A Scrum Master Sucks By Rob Lambert

I loved my time as a scrum master. It was an interesting and rewarding role. But being a scrum master mostly sucks. Here are 10 […]


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